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Friday, May 1, 2009

Polish Prisoners of War - Documents (IV)

Assumption of Duties by Major P. F. Borisovets as Commander of Ostashkov Prisoner of War Camp - 21 September 1939.

Ostashkov Prisoner of War Camp NKVD USSR

No. 01
from 21/IX.1939
Stolbnoe Is.

1. On this day Commissar Yurasov and myself have arrived and assumed the responsibilities for the command of the prisoner of war camp.
Premise: By order of the People's Commissar Internal Affairs No. 038

2. I present a list of personnel who have arrived under my command and who have been granted staff responsibilities for the administration of the camp.
Attachment: List

3. I grant my deputy com. Fadeev Kondratii Yakovlevich, branch officer com. Ivanov Pavel Petrovich and accountant Tarachkov Nikolai Aleksandrovich the right to arrange financial operations at the Ostashkov branch of Gosbank.

Camp Commander Major (Borisovets)
Camp Commissar Senior Political Instructor (Yurasov)
Secretary - Technical Quartermaster I Rank Mali[nin]

Copy to Deputy People's Commissar NKVD Komdiv com. Chernyshov


Transfer of Property and Premises of Ostashkov and Yuzha Children's Labour Colonies to the Administration of Prisoners of War NKVD USSR - 22 September 1939.


People's Commissar of Internal Affairs Union SSR for 1939

Concerning the transfer of Ostashkov and Yuzha Labour Colonies to the Administration NKVD USSR of Prisoners of War

No. 0309
22 September 1939

In accordance with the order No. 0308 of the NKVD USSR from 19/IX - this year, the labour colonies for children:
1. Ostashkov - UNKVD Kalinin district
2. Yuzha - UNKVD Ivanovsk district are to be eliminated, having been excluded from the complement of active labour colonies of the OTK [Department of Correctional Labour Colonies] NKVD USSR.
All buildings, property and material goods of value are to be transferred to the commanders of the Ostashkov and Yuzha prisoner of war camps by decree.
Commander OTK NKVD USSR Senior Lieutenant of State Security Yatskevich shall ensure the immediate removal of the current underaged subjects together with all items of personal use (cultural1 and personal objects2) to other labour colonies.
The Heads of the Kalinin and Ivanovsk district UNKVD are to appoint a commission of reception and transfer of the stated labour colonies.

Dep. People's Commissar
Internal Affairs Union SSR
Komdiv Chenyshov

1. Kul'tinventar' - a problematic term to translate. Normally, this would refer to religious articles, including icons and the like. Under the present circumstances, this would be unlikely. A broader translation would render this as cultural and possibly educational materials.
2. Veshchdovol'stvie - an allowance for objects, most probably involving personal items, such as clothing, photographs, books, etc.


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