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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Yezhov File (II)

Investigative material collected on N. I. Yezhov's family members and relatives

Relations between the writer M. Sholokhov and the wife of N. I. Yezhov

To People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Union of SSR
Commissar of State Security, First Rank
Comrade Beria


Regarding your orders to monitor the activities of the writer Sholokhov in reference to travel warrant "N," I report: monitoring of Sholokhov, who arrived in Moscow with his family and is staying in room 215 of the "National" hotel, commenced during the last days of May. Monitoring of the indicated subject continued from 3.06 to 11.06.38. Copies of the summary reports are available.
In approximately the middle of August, Sholokhov arrived in Moscow again and stayed at the same hotel. Standing orders provided for the tapping into rooms during spare hours on an individual basis, and the taking of necessary measures upon detection of a conversation of interest. The stenographer Koroleva tapped into Sholokhov's room, and having recognized his voice, reported to me whether it was necessary to monitor him.I immediately reported this to Alekhin, who also ordered the monitoring to continue. Praising Koroleva's initiative, Alekhin ordered her to be awarded with a bonus, a draft order for wihich was drawn up. On the second day of monitoring, Yur'evich assumed the duties of stenographer and recorded comrade Yezhov's wife visiting Sholokhov in his room.

Sholokhov's room was monitored for more than ten days, right up to his departure, and while under observation intimate relations between Sholokhov and Yezhov's wife were recorded.

Deputy Chief of the First Department of the 2nd Special Section NKVD
Lieutenant, State Security
12 December 1938.


Reported criminal activity on the part of N. I. Yezhov's brother, I. I. Yezhov, and nephew, V. Babulin.

Special Communique from L. P. Beria to I. V. Stalin concerning I. I. Yezhov, 30 January 1939.

30 January 1939. No. 471/6
TsK VKP(b) - to comrade STALIN

The NKVD USSR received a statement from comrade SHABULIN Mikhail Ivanovich, member of the VKP(b) and official of the Moscow regional UNKVD, regarding terrorists threats known by him to have been uttered by YEZHOV Ivan Ivanovich, brother of the former People's Commissar of Internal Affairs.
An investigation has been conducted regarding this statement and we have questioned the declarant SHABULIN, the witness SOKOLOVA (LOGINOVA) Aleksandra Ivanovna (non-party, soldering worker) and the witness YEZHOVA Zinaida Vasil'evna (wife of I. I. Yezhov, non-party, housing committe clerk for building No. 14, Narodnaya street).
During questioning on 14 January 1939, the witness SHABULIN M. I. testified:
- Several years ago his acquaintance, Ivanovna, Zinaida Vasil'evna married YEZHOV Ivan Ivanovich, the borther of comrade N. I. YEZHOV.
In the summer of 1937, in the SHABULIN's absence, another acquaintance of his, LOGINOVA Aleksandra, a worker and wife of a party member serving as office manager for the Porletarski district soviet, came to his apartment and reported that her friend, IVANOVNA (YEZHOVA) Zinaida had told her about the terrorist inclinations of her husband, YEZHOV Ivan Ivanovich. The latter had spoken to his wife about how "he would now be working in the NKVD and that it would be easy for him to sneak past and murder comrade STALIN."
SHABULIN testified further that the very next day he handed in a report addressed to the Head of the DTO [Rail Transport Section] GUGB [Main Administration State Security] NKVD of the Dzerzhinski railway, KAMENSKY (now arrested), who in turn gave the report to the former Head of the Transport Section GUGB NKVD VOLKOV (also arrested).
During questioning on 15 January 1939, the witness SOKOLOVA (LOGINOVA) A. I. testified:
- Once, around the middle of 1937, IVANOVA-YEZHOVA Zinaida told LOGINOVA thet her husband, YEZHOV Ivan, expressed his hostility towards the party in the presence of company, stating that he would commit a terrorist act against comrade STALIN at the first opportunity.
On 15 January 1939, the witness YEZHOVA Z. V. testified:
- Her husband, YEZHOV Ivan, was a constant drunk and philanderer and had been detained more than once by the police. In one such drunken incident, he fractured the skull of a policeman, yet each time he was released, after explaining his close relationship to the former People's Commissar of Internal Affairs, comrade N. I. YEZHOV.
At various times, YEZHOV Ivan received some four furnished rooms from the NKVD, which he immediately let out to women with whom he co-habitated.
On 26 January 1936, YEZHOVA Zinaida made a verbal statement concerning her husband to the former NKVD officials, VOLOVICH and SAVICH, and later, at the end of May 1937, she directed a statement to N. I. YEZHOV. In this statement, YEZHOVA Zinaida reported that her husband had established contact with a Polish family, the SHPAKOVSKY'S, who were residing in Moscow, and was drinking with them in suspicious company. SHPAKOVSKY himself once declared - "How good it would be to find myself selected for the Supreme Soviet. At the first opportunity I would kill STALIN, and more if possible." However, Zinaida YEZHOVA received no response to her statement from N. I. YEZHOV.
At the same time, YEZHOVA Zinaida testified, that KRASNOLUTSKAYA Ksenia, who resided in the same apartment with the nephew of comrade N. I. YEZHOV, Viktor BABULIN, told her that the latter was constantly getting drunk, hanging out with foreigners, frequenting retaurants and was once driven home in a drunken stupor by a vehicle belonging to some embassy.
The same KRASNOLUTSKAYA told YEZHOVA Zinaida that Viktor BABULIN was accepting bribes from persons whose relatives or family members were under arrest. Thus, Viktor BABULIN accepted 2000 rubles from SOINA Matil'da Ivanovna in order to obtain the release of her son, Nikolai, who had been arrested for preparing a terrorist act against comrade STALIN. Nikolai SOIN was freed. For a bribe, Viktor BABULIN managed to obtain the relase was of another arrestee by the name of MAKAROV Aleksei.
Viktor BABULIN also received sanitarium passes through the wife of YEZHOV N. I., Yevgenia Solomovna, and sold them.
Zinaida YEZHOVA also testified that the sister of N. I. YEZHOV, Yevdokia Ivanovna, and her husband PIMENOV Yegor, a tailor-craftsmen, who are residing in comrade N. I. YEZHOV'S former apartment, have expressed sharply anti-soviet views. Yevgenia Solomonovna YEZHOVA constantly sends a stream of present to the PIMENOV apartment.

NKVD USSR considers it necessary to arrest YEZHOV Ivan Ivanovich.
I request instructions.
SUPPLEMENT: Interrogation record of witness YEZHOVA, Z. V. from 15 January 1939.
People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Union of SSR.
L. Beria


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